Buffalo vs. Jacksonville promises to be a great showing, only if you enjoy watching drunken Bills fans slam through tables lit on fire. Other than that I don’t predict much excitement for this game.

Unless you’re a Jags fan, in that case then you will be “Jaggin off” all game while the Leonard Fournette runs all over this Bills defense that is ranked 29th in the league against the run.

Buffalo’s Super Bowl was a week ago, them making the playoffs for the first time in 17 years off of an unlikely Andy Dalton 4th and 13 throw was their one miracle for the season.

Now they have to play the 2nd ranked defense in the league with a less than 100% LeSean McCoy.

Prediction: This will be the Doug Marrone revenge game, Blake Bortles gets his first playoff victory thanks to his defense.

Jacksonville 24-10.


New Orleans vs. Carolina promises to be a much more intriguing matchup. These two teams know each other very well, having already played twice this year. Everyone says it is really hard to beat the same team three times in one year and New Orleans defeated Carolina both times during the regular season.

Most teams that win the first two usually tend to have their best defensive player during those games. That is not the case for New Orleans, Marshon Lattimore is healthy and is a legitimate top 5 corner in the NFL. He is the Defensive Rookie of the Year in my eyes.

Carolina’s offense is very inconsistent and minus a Cam Newton scramble they have almost no “big play ability”. New Orleans is the opposite they rank top five in rushing, passing, and points. The Saints offense is spearheaded by the two-headed monster that is Kamara and Ingram. They’re probably the best duo Since Snoop Dogg and Cali’ Weed.

Cam Newton will have to play like Superman to give the Panthers a real shot at winning.

Prediction: Sean Payton chews 11 pieces of Juicy Fruit and conducts himself like the asshole he has proven to be time and time again. Riverboat Ron decides to punt on 4th and 2 or shorter with Cam Newton as his QB while trailing in the second half.

Saints 31-24.

In case you missed it.