Well, the college football national championship game is finally upon us. If you’re an SEC fan you’re probably already shotgunning Natty Lights and packing Grizzly wintergreen like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re not an SEC fan then you’re probably busy sharing anti-Bama memes on Facebook and complaining about UCF getting snubbed.

Not many would have thought that the championship would come down to the 3 and 4 seeds, but here we are. Those same people probably tried to convince everyone that Alabama didn’t belong in the playoffs even though they’re clearly the best team in the nation and have been for basically all season.

This game could honestly go either way with Alabama having immense talent and depth on defense and explosive playmakers at both the receiver and tailback position and Georgia having arguably the most dominant linebacker in college football in Roquan Smith to go along with the most prolific backfield duo in history with Sony Micheland Nick Chubb combining for over 8,200 yards rushing in their careers.

Unfortunately for Crimson Tide haters, they have an immense amount of talent. According to Matt Miller’s latest rankings Alabama currently possesses 7 of the top 50 draft prospects this year, compared to Georgia’s 1 (Roquan Smith) which may lead to yet another year of your drunk cousin yelling “ROLL TIDE” for no apparent reason.

The Bulldogs do have the advantage in their backfield between their two headed monster at running back and their freshman quarterback who’s been playing like anything but. If Jake Fromm State Farm can continue taking care of the football and the run game gets into rhythm early they stand a real chance at winning their first title since 1980.

There are really only two things that are certain for tonight’s game, Nick Saban is going to add to his impressive collection of hemorrhoids gained by his excessive sideline antics (keep an eye on his hold back guy) and that Jalen Hurts footwork in the pocket will be completely nonexistent. I’m taking Bama over the Dawgs 27-17