Tennessee faithful, hear me out on this. Mike Mularkey has to be fired for the love of God. He’s an absolutely terrible head coach in this league, offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie and quarterbacks coach Jason Michael need to be bounced with him as well.

The Titans are obviously a talented football team, they made it to the divisional round of the playoffs this year. But their offensive coaching staff is down right embarrassing. Marcus Mariota has taken a huge step back in his 3rd season. His numbers were worse this season than in his rookie season. When your franchise quarterback throws more interceptions than touchdowns its usually a sign of some serious underlying issues.

Mariota is such a physically gifted player that it’s heart breaking to see his skill set not catered to in the “exotic smash mouth” system that they run. This is one of the most successful spread quarterbacks in NCAA history, and he’s being asked to run a system that refuses to adapt or advance.

This is a coaching staff that chose all season to go with DeMarco Murray as the featured back instead of Derrick Henry even though Henry has been more effective and Murray had apparently been plagued with hamstring issues. They’ve also declined to get Taiwan Taylor heavily involved in the offensive game plan even though he provides the deep speed to stretch defenses that no other featured player possesses.

Mike Mularkey was supposedly going to be fired if the Titans lost to Kansas City. If that was truly the case then there’s no reason he can’t be fired for the complete shit show he put on last night in Foxboro. If Andrew Luck and Deshaun Watson come back to full health next year, Tennessee could quickly become the worst team in the division. Changes need to be made quickly.

The actual definition of malarkey is “meaningless talk” or “nonsense.” Nothing good can come when that’s your coach’s name. Get his ass out and do it now.

If Tennessee makes the change now they can still make a run at one of the top coaches with backgrounds in quarterback development. Josh McDaniels probably isn’t obtainable at this point as he’ll probably end up with the division rival Colts, but Pat Shurmur would be a wonderful consolation prize. What he’s done with the Minnesota offense is nothing short of amazing. He’s survived quarterback injuries, offensive line injuries, and a season ending injury to running back Dalvin Cook who looked to be a top 5 player at the position pre-injury.

A year after coaching Sam Bradford to breaking the NFL record for completion percentage in a season, he’s has found success with journeyman quarterback Case Keenum who never found success in his previous stops. Him working with Mariota would help bring him to the next step in his maturation.

Regardless of who they’re interested in, Tennessee needs to pounce while they’re still an attractive coaching job. They have good young pieces on the offensive side of the ball and an All-Pro in safety Kevin Byard.

Tennessee has to make the change before it’s too late, otherwise they’ll soon be playing the role of little brother in the AFC South.