Well guys, after I published my article about Mike Mularkey needing to be fired some heartbreaking news came through. The Titans were choosing to extend his contract. Titans fans far and wide wept and cursed. It made no sense.

Flash forward to this morning and Mularkey and the Titans have chosen to “mutually part ways.” Who says prayer doesn’t work?! Congrats to all the Tennessee faithful on moving in the right direction. I would also like to apologize to Cardinals fans in the process as I’ve seen they’re interested in Mularkey. Yikes!

From what I’ve seen today it looks like Mike Vrabel may end up being the hire here. I know everyone understandably wants Josh McDaniels, but I think that ship might have set sail. But don’t fret, Vrabel would be an awesome hire here! He’s a high energy guy and he’s got experience as both a player and a coach. Guys love to play for him.

I know, I know, what about our offense? We’ll get to that, but we have to acknowledge that the defense wasn’t exactly stellar either. Dick Lebeau’s defensive game plan and play calling against the Chiefs and Patriots was atrocious. Vrabel will be able to fix these issues, he’s gotten the most out of his players even while dealing with a rash of injuries

Now to address the offense! Since this would be his first time as a head coach, Vrabel will more than likely look to hire a strong offensive mind to be the OC so he can focus on his specialty, much like Doug Pederson did with the hiring of Jim Schwartz. It’s worked wonders for Philly and should work in Tennessee. Speaking of the Eagles, if I’m Tennessee I call John DeFillipo, the Eagles quarterback coach.

DeFillipo’s work with Carson Wentz cannot be undersold. Wentz progressed into a full blown MVP candidate in his second season under his tutelage. He’s also gotten to work under Doug Pederson who has turned the Eagles into a top 3 offense in this league. Pederson is known for his game planning and play calling abilities, something DeFillipo has surely picked up. His most impressive feat may actually be his work with Nick Foles. After Wentz’ season ending injury Foles was thrust into action with virtually no experience with the starting offense. After looking extremely hot and cold throughout 3 games, Foles played an extremely solid game in the Divisional round of the NFC playoffs against Atlanta. This speaks volumes of his ability to game plan and get the most out of his players. Something Terry Robiskie and Mike Mularkey have refused to do.

Hiring these two coaches would help get Tennessee back on the right track, helping to fix both their defense and allowing Marcus Mariota to take the next step in his development into elite quarterback status. Hopefully they make the right decision before they’re truly left behind in the AFC South.