I know, it sounds crazy right? Why would Bill hurt his bread and butter during a Super Bowl run? It doesn’t make sense. Or does it?

A few weeks ago we all heard the stories of Brady going to Robert Kraft behind Belichick’s back. What ensued was basically Bill having his hand forced and Jimmy Garoppolo was traded to San Francisco. From all accounts it seems that Bill wanted to keep him and was ready to move forward with him after this season. If we know anything about Bill Belichick, it’s that you don’t fuck with him. It’s his way or no way, it always has been.

Until it wasn’t, Brady came out on top in the power struggle. Belichick is just supposed to lick his wounds and be thankful for his job? Not Bill. Fuck no. He’d want to send a message. He’s already in the discussion of the greatest coach of all time, so he doesn’t have much to lose.

So maybe he whispers to Rex Burkhead to take a shot at Brady “accidentally”? If it’s a serious injury that sucks, guess Bill can try and win with Brian Hoyer. If he wins he ends the “who’s more important Brady or Bill?” debate. If he loses, well he didn’t have his top receiver from last year, his franchise quarterback, or the leader of his defense and was right to want to keep Garoppolo who is an obvious upgrade over Hoyer. What a fucking alpha power move.

If the injury isn’t serious then they go ahead and win another ring and Brady gets the message. Belichick gets to decide the “Patriot Way.” Can’t wait for this to be proven, because you know Gisele will hold a fucking press conference and proclaim to the world that her husband can in fact play quarterback and coach the team.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Bill Belichick is a psychological warlord. Don’t fuck with Billy from the Block.