We’ve all got our own rituals when it comes to getting drunk. Maybe you eat a piece of bread right before you go out, or drink a bunch of water and take some aspirin before you start. But one thing we can all agree on, where you eat after a long night of drinking is crucial. It might be the most important part. Here are the top 5 places in my experience.

5) White Castle:
You’ve already drank yourself into a stupor, why not eat something that’ll make you feel almost as bad in the morning as the alcohol? That’s where good ole White Castle comes in! Who hasn’t been the late night hero and bought their buddies a crave case? What could possibly go wrong when you can get that much food for such a small price? If you want to switch it up you can always get the chicken ring sliders.


4) Minit Mart:
This one is kind of cheating, but honestly going to the Minit Mart is the equivalent of drunk Toys-R-Us. They’ve got everything you want, they’re open late, they have more alcohol, basically every snack food you can think of, and the most important thing of all. Pizza rolls. Few things rival a fresh pizza roll with marinara, or ranch if you’re a psychopath.

3) Great American Donut Shop:
This one is basically a rite of passage in Bowling Green. GADS never lets you down because they never close! Have you really even lived if you and your friends haven’t stumbled in at 3 am to get a warm apple fritter? There’s almost nothing like the sweet embrace that building gives you after a night of questionable decisions.

2) Taco Bell:
This one is all about personal preference. I’ve had some of my best drunken nights end with a much too late trip for quesadillas and tacos. (With a DD of course) But seriously, is there a drink that tastes better than Taco Bell’s Mountain Dew? Plus it’s always fun to hear your belligerent friends mispronounce words like doubledilla.

1) Waffle House:
Could there have been another choice for the top spot here? Breakfast food is the unquestioned food of the drunk. Who doesn’t want an All Star breakfast after a long night? The bacon, the sausage, the hash browns, and my favorite; the incredibly syrupy cherry coke. I will NOT accept your International House of Pancakes nonsense either. I don’t want to eat at that classy establishment. I want my cook to be directly in front of me so I can see his prison tattoos and watch him make my food without wearing a hairnet. Add in the jukebox and the parking lot fights and you have a drunk man’s hog heaven!