If you’ve got a tattoo that’s on this list, sorry in advance. We’re all a little basic and if I’m being honest I have one of the designs listed below. Lighten up and learn to laugh at yourself. It’s hard to be unique in the age of Pinterest boards.

5) Anchor:anchor
More specifically the “I refuse to sink” anchor tattoo. This one has always bugged me because the single function of an anchor is to sink to the bottom of whatever body of water the boat is on. Classic case of “I’m deep and reflective.” Yikes.

4)Infinity Loop:infinity
Good lord, infinity loops are the new barbed wire tattoo, just significantly less bad ass. Blake Shelton doesn’t have an infinity loop, so I won’t hear any arguments stating otherwise. I get it, they’re small and cute and symbolize “infinite possibilities” or whatever. I’m gonna level with you Becky, you might as well get the Starbucks logo tatted on you.

3)Nautical Stars:star
Back in 2007 this was probably the hottest tattoo around; you had to have two though, one on the front of each shoulder or each pec. You also had to pound Monsters and wear a cut off t-shirt with a wife beater underneath at all possible times.

2)Polynesian Tribal:tribal
I get it, tribal tattoos look so bad ass! Look at the Rock, what dude doesn’t want to be him? But outside of having actual Polynesian heritage, this is kind of ridiculous. Whenever I see a white guy rocking it I have to hold back from saying, “Hey Brad, I assume your name is Brad. What tribe are you from Bro?”

1)Cross With Scriptures:cross
Full disclosure, this is the one that I’m guilty of. I have a cross with scripture, and also just a bible verse. Now if you’re actually religious, pay this one no mind. BUT, if you’re not religious and have this, you know what I’m talking about. You wanted a tattoo SOOOO bad, but you couldn’t figure out what you wanted. So you figured, “if I get a cross or some scripture nobody can judge me because religion is off limits.” Same bro, same.