If Buffalo had missed the playoffs again this season, I might have left them out of this. Because I’m not sure how much more their fans can take, let alone how much they deserve. But their playoff dry spell is over, so now I can shit on them and not feel as guilty.

The Bills had a few choices here, J.P. Losman was a finalist, any time you draft a QB in the first round and they lose their spot to somebody with far less pedigree it’s disappointing. To do it twice in the same decade is fan base torture (E.J. Manual) Side note Buffalo, steer clear of quarterbacks that go by initials, it’s not working in your favor.

Instead I settled for Mike Williams, the offensive lineman from Texas who was taken 4th overall in 2002. After starting his career at at right tackle, he was moved to left tackle after a few games. He was a wild disappointment and lost his job within two years to my man Jason Peters. Buffalo tried him out at guard but he didn’t stick there either. After that he was relegated to spot duty as a goal line defensive tackle. This was the 4th overall pick?!

When Buffalo selected Williams, they had the option to take a player at the same position, a guy named Bryant McKinnie, who went on to have a Pro Bowl season with the Vikings and win a Super Bowl with the Ravens. Other players still on the board? How about Dwight Freeney, John Henderson, Jeremy Shockey, Lito Sheppard, and a dude named Ed Reed. Fuck.

On the bright side it looks like the franchise is finally trending in the right direction. Nevertheless if I’m a Buffalo fan and I’m reading this, the idea that I missed on players like Freeney and Reed is enough to make me throw myself through a flaming table even if I’m not tailgating.

*I wrote this before Eric Wood announced he would be retiring due to a neck injury, I want to say that I’m truly sorry for Buffalo fans. Losing Wood is a terrible blow, he’s been a great player.*