Jesus. Honestly this just seems cruel and unnecessary. Coming off an 0-16 season Browns faithful know they’ve endured a rough shake over the last decade or so. Their draft classes have been so bad that I chose two to briefly outline since they basically did the same thing twice in a short amount of time.

First up, in 2012 the Browns took Trent Richardson 3rd overall and then Brandon Weeden 21st overall. Coming out of Alabama Richardson was thought to be the second coming of Jim Brown. He was going to reinvent their new look offense along with their new quarterback. Weeden was coming off a strong season at Oklahoma State where he threw for 4,724 yards as a 28 year old senior. He was the oldest player ever to be taken in the 1st round.

We all know how both those picks turned out. Complete and total busts. Richardson now plays football in Canada and Weeden is now on his 3rd team and is serving as a backup.

Fast forward two years, and the Browns select Justin Gilbert, cornerback from Oklahoma State 8th overall. They then selected everyone’s favorite rockstar quarterback Johnny Manziel at 22nd overall. Cleveland needs to stop taking quarterbacks at 22nd. Really doesn’t fare well for them.

Gilbert was an elite prospect who suffered mightily and played sparingly. After wearing out his welcome he was traded to Pittsburgh for a 6th round pick. He’s since been suspended for substance abuse. Which also happens to be Manziel’s biggest problem. They’re both currently under suspension from the NFL. Manziel seems to be working on a comeback and may play in the CFL next season.

Who cares right? Cleveland misses on players all the time, they suck. It’s just part of the culture. But ALL the players they missed during these two years!

Who could they have had in 2012 you ask? Well let me tell you! How about two of the following; Luke Keuchly, Fletcher Cox, Melvin Ingram, Chandler Jones, Dont’a Hightower, Harrison Smith, Alshon Jeffery, or Bonny Wagner?

How about in 2014? How about another pairing of the following; Anthony Barr, Taylor Lewan, Odell Beckham Jr, Aaron Donald, Zack Martin, C.J. Mosley, Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr, Devante Adams, and Jarvis Landry?

If the Browns addressed only defense in 2012, and then take OBJ and Derek Carr in 2014 we’re probably talking about the Browns making the playoffs instead of going 0-16. Tough break, but there’s always next year. Nowhere to go but up I suppose.