Wow. What a whirlwind of emotions I’ve been through during the last 24 hours. My Eagles are Super Bowl champions. No matter how many times I say that out loud it just doesn’t seem real. Because when you’re a Philly sports fan things aren’t supposed to go your way.

From McNabb’s famous vomiting to Carson Wentz’ torn ACL. The City of Brotherly Love never catches a break. When the Eagles played New England in the Super Bowl they had TO and Brian Dawkins, both of who just got inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend. If they couldn’t win then, they almost surely couldn’t win now. I remember being 11 years old and crying my eyes out into my black TO jersey, and guys last night I cried into my black Jalen Mills jersey. But this time they were tears of absolute joy and relief.

Two years ago when Doug Pederson was hired people (myself included) didn’t understand why we hired him. During most of his first season the sentiment was pretty much the same. Why? I’ll tell you why now, he’s the best coach in the NFL this year. That’s why. I don’t care what was voted, he’s the COY not McVay. No disrespect to him, but Pederson just won a Super Bowl with a team many expected to go 8-8 or 9-7. Those were the predictions before losing Jordan Hicks, Jason Peters, and Carson Wentz. The national media completely wrote this team off and they responded week after week.

Enough good things can’t be said about Nick Foles, he tuned out all the noise and went to work. He was the best quarterback during the entirety of the playoffs, a year after being benched by Jeff Fisher. On the sport’s biggest stage he made every play, every single time. It was insane, about midway through the game all my worries and doubts disappeared. Nick Foles was going to win us a Super Bowl. What? Who? How? What a roller coaster.

I’m going to wrap this up quickly because honestly I’m still celebrating and enjoying this moment. But I also wanted to highlight Zach Ertz who is arguably the team’s MVP this season who has been the picture of reliability. Nelson Agholor who’s renaissance has come full circle now, he’s an absolute monster. Jason Kelce who was supposed to be washed up, who became an All-Pro and absolutely dominated every front seven he encountered. Alshon Jeffery who was really given a hard time at the start of the year for not producing and “costing too much” he put the team on his back through these playoffs. He dominated the Vikings and made one of the best catches I’ve ever seen for the Eagles first touchdown last night. Also Corey Clement who went from undrafted to key player, I’m so happy for that guy.

Also those few long tenured Eagles to finally get a ring, Celek, Peters, and Graham. It’s truly unbelievable, if Celek or Peters decides now to retire they can go out on top. I’ve truly loved watching this team play as a family all year long. This is the most special group of players I’ve ever seen, and that was before winning a championship. I hope everyone enjoyed watching that game as much as I did. FLY EAGLES FLY