For such a storied franchise, things look like they’re in complete disarray. Last season turned into a complete dumpster fire after Andrew Luck didn’t take a snap. For the majority of the year reports didn’t add up and nobody could get a straight answer about Luck’s health. We’re officially in the off-season and we still know next to nothing about his shoulder other than people saying he’s “fine.”

After the season the front office cleared house and decided to hit reset on the direction of the organization. Gone were the days of Chuck Pagano and his defensive background, it was time for a change. That’s where Josh McDaniels came in, he was the offensive mastermind who had worked for years under Bill Belichick and with the amazing Tom Brady. He was going to fix their problems and provide Luck with a career renaissance. Indianapolis just had to wait until New England’s Super Bowl run was over.

Unfortunately for the Colts this left too much time for Robert Kraft to convince McDaniels to stay. All signs point to him being reassured that he would replace Belichick as the Patriots’ head coach after he retires. While this seems like a huge blow for Indianapolis, and on all accounts it is, it’s also positive it’s for that the reason. Because the other reason would have been that McDaniels had received some negative information about Luck’s chances of returning to pre-injury form.

To make matters even worse, all of the Colts’ original HC candidates have already agreed to positions with other programs. Indy reportedly had a feeling he might go back on their agreement and had a backup list of candidates, it’s great that they had a contingency plan but you never want to actually have to follow it. If I’m Indianapolis I don’t just hire anyone, I try and get a guy that is going to truly help Luck get back to form and the franchise to relevancy again in the surprisingly competitive AFC South.

Indianapolis is an attractive destination due to GM Chris Ballard’s reputation, their high draft choice this year, and the promise of a generational talent at the most important position. My choice would be John DeFillippo, the Eagles QB coach who has worked nothing short of miracles with Carson Wentz and then Nick Foles. He’s a great offensive mind and would be sure to help Luck regain his form.