Nick Foles just brought the city of Philadelphia it’s first ever Super Bowl Championship, nobody in the state of Pennsylvania has more job security than he does right? Maybe not. That’s the ugly truth that is professional football. Now before you chuck your phone at the wall, just hear me out.

Foles’ value as an NFL quarterback has never been higher, he played lights out all post season and won the Super Bowl MVP for his dominant performance. IF he wants another crack at a starting job, Philadelphia should facilitate that. If he wants to stay the backup and local folk hero for another year, that’s fine too.

If Foles does want to start, and the Eagles are comfortable with Carson Wentz’ recovery from his knee injury they should start fielding calls. They have another quarterback in Nate Sudfeld that the coaching staff is extremely high on, and honestly fans were calling for him to start in the playoffs after he outplayed Foles against Dallas. The Eagles’ cap situation is one of the worst in the league and getting Foles’ contract off the books would be a relief. The Eagles have a few players who need new deals that will arguably have more of an impact next season, Nigel Bradham for an example. Also Brandon Graham wants a new deal, and they need to give it to him after he was a force all season long.

Another reason that Philadelphia should consider moving him is their lack of draft capital. They pick dead last in the first round, and have no 2nd or 3rd round picks due to the Wentz and Darby trades. If Kansas City can get a 3rd round pick and a blossoming young star like Kendall Fuller for Alex Smith, Foles should at least fetch a 3rd round pick if not more. This would allow Philly to continue to build their young nucleus through the draft.

Another possibility would be packaging their 32nd overall pick with Foles and trading them to a QB needy team for a higher pick in this year’s draft. That would allow them to take a possible impact player at a position of need like offensive line or linebacker. Before you freak out, Jason Peters is getting long in the tooth and the jury is still out on whether Vaitai is the future. Steven Wisnewski played admirably but is also an older player and the depth behind him isn’t anything to get excited about. At linebacker Jordan Hicks can’t stay healthy, Bradham is a free agent and could possibly walk, while Kendricks has a high cap number and wasn’t looked at as a fit in Schwartz’ defense before injuries hit.

Regardless of how things turn out, Nick Foles will be forever celebrated for stepping in and stepping up to deliver the Eagles’ franchise a Lombardi trophy. He’ll definitely be the recipient of free cheesesteaks for life as well. But unfortunately the NFL doesn’t care about those things, it’s always been an ugly business and will continue to be. Carson Wentz is the future of the franchise, and the Eagles would be wise to deal Foles while he has value before he can walk away for nothing after next season. Fans who refuse to admit this to themselves must face the truth, we can appreciate without feeling guilty.