Do I think they’ll actually do it? No, probably not. But we have to start admitting to ourselves that this could be a real possibility. The biggest thing keeping this from happening is the monster contract Indianapolis gave him when they thought he’d actually be a football player and not a huge medical mystery.

The Colts haven’t been to the playoffs since 2014, that doesn’t put asses in seats. Indy faithful need something to be excited about. Josh McDaniels was supposed to help reinvent the Colts offensively, it was going to be beautiful. But Robert Kraft is a bully, so he’s not coming and there are real question marks concerning Luck and the next HC. Fans will start getting antsy when they realize that they’ve fallen to the basement of the AFC South after years of dominating it, nobody wants to play little brother to Blake Bortles and the Jaguars. Nothing ignites a fan base quite like a new face of the franchise.

Is Andrew Luck one of the most gifted quarterbacks we’ve seen in the last decade or two? Absolutely, when he’s on the field. Him being injured isn’t something new. Before he missed all of the 2017 season, he played in only 7 games during the 2015 season due to a lacerated kidney. You can be as talented as you want, but if you’re not on the field it doesn’t matter. He’s only played in 22 games since the start of the 2015 season.

The Colts could be competitive right now if they had a legitimate quarterback, they won games in 2017 with Jacoby Brissett. No disrespect to him, he did an unbelievable job coming in and playing after being traded late and having little time to learn the offense. But he’s not the future of the position. Indy still has an elite receiver in TY Hilton, a good tight end in Jack Doyle (if he’s brought back), and a promising young tailback in Marlon Mack. Not to mention rookie sensation Malik Hooker who looked like an All-Pro safety before his injury.

Another reason they may consider moving on is how deep this year’s draft is at the quarterback position. While many have had the Colts projected to take Bradley Chubb 3rd overall, they could address their signal caller issues. Last year Chicago signed Mike Glennon to a fairly large deal to be their QB1 and then surprised everyone and drafted Mitch Trubisky so there’s somewhat of a precedent. Picking at number 3 the Colts could have their choice of Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, or Baker Mayfield depending on the direction that Cleveland and New York go. (I think Indianapolis would favor Allen)

While I think this is a long shot, Indiana truly should consider moving on from Luck. GM Chris Ballard seems confident that he’ll be back to the same old player, but he also thought Luck would be back early last season. The Colts said that he still hasn’t even picked up a football let alone started throwing, which seems to really concern those in the medical field. Whatever they decide I hope they make a quick turnaround to relevancy, football is more fun when the Colts are competitive.