Police are currently frantic over possibly arresting the wrong man, Joseph James DeAngelo as the famed “Golden State Killer.” They were confident that they had the right man in custody until a news story broke earlier this week.

Terror was still reigning upon the citizens of the Golden State. But authorities have the name of the alleged perpetrator. Reports came in late Monday evening that it was none other than the Golden State Warriors’ star forward Draymond Green. After completely botching a last second chance to win the game, Green verbally assaulted All-World 7 foot burner account operator Kevin Durant. Reportedly referring to him as, “a bitch” and daring him to leave during his impending free agency saying, “we won before you and we’ll win after you.”

It’s unclear what authorities plan on doing in regards to Green’s terroristic behavior or his murdering of the Warriors’ chances of an NBA title 3 peat. One thing is for certain, the citizens of the Golden State won’t rest easy until he’s brought to justice.